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Hey there superstar!
You’re about to make one of the smartest investments of your career.


Why you should own your name:

- It builds credibility and brand awareness

- It shows you care about your career… you do care about your career, don’t you!? 

- Will Smith, Paris Hilton, and pretty much every other big name own their domain. Why shouldn't you?

- You will make more money. (I mean, if you are credible and people know about you and it shows you care… of course, you will make more money!)

- You will show up on Google when people search for you.

- So someone else doesn't take it.

- It's cool. Yes. It's quite cool.



Why it's good you're buying it from us:

- We charge based on how famous you are and if we think you will grow, so if I where you I would act now.

- To that point, it is said that the Kardashion-Jenner family paid MILLIONS for some of their domain names! 

- If it wasn’t us, someone evil could have gotten it.

- It's immediate and easy.



Why you should get it RIGHT NOW:

-Every once in a while we bump the prices up quite a bit. Whatever you're seeing it at right now is the cheapest it will ever be.

- If you don’t, your denying yourself the amazing power it will bring you (I mean, why would you want to do that!?)

How to buy:

Go to Namecheap and type your name in. All safe and sound:)

If not available email

FAME NAME_edited.png
FAME NAME_edited.png
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